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Im a pimped out player from the steets

who knows how to get his

9/29/05 08:46 pm - these pipes are clean

I quit smoking ... i rule , and i want to kill someone . travis is quiting with me , that also rules . fuck everyone who smokes by me and makes me want to smoke . if any of you pricks light up by me tonight i cant guarantee your safety. i need some gum.

8/18/05 03:53 am

its not confirmed yet but there is a possible keg party at crowes house this saturday call me for info 515-0489

7/28/05 02:37 am

im getting my tatoo started tomorrow its gonna be the badest.. my girl leslie is the most adorable thing on the planet just in case you were wondering .. too bad she is moving away in a few days .. thats how it works , find someone you really like and poof theyre gone.. owell i still have beer and good friends what more do you need .. im sure in time ill find someone to fix my cheating ways but untill then party the fuck on ..im fucking waisted right now if you cant tell .. im going to sleep

7/27/05 12:13 am - what a week

so i havent updated in a while and after this i probably wont again . Here goes, it started when i meet leslie , i take her to a party and some dick head punches me in the nose so i knock his ass out. now she thinks im violent... then the next time i see her is a thursday , some fag calls me and my friends a bunch of bitches so i go to his car spit in his face, he spits back so i sock him a couple times and walk away cause he rolled his window up and his girlfriend got out of the car and started to bitch at me . well while im walking away terry drags the dude out of his car like the fucking gangster that he is and starts beating the shit out of the clown , the whole time im facing the other way trying to explain my actions to this girl so i dont see him doing this .. then i hear him yelling for me , turn around and hes got two more guys on him. me and timmy run over and knock them off terry, the rest is kinda fuzzy but goes some thing like this , terry starts beating one of the guys who jumped in on him, tim chokes the other one out and the original guy comes running at me , after about 100 bloody uppercuts hes done and on to the next guy coming at me , he realizes im covered in blood and runs away to hide behind a big black man who decided to end my night with a squirt of mace directly in my eyes . travis steps up to the plate and gets me out of there without a scratch on me and gets me to a safe place with water and and milk waiting .. but i cant leave out that while i was blind ,sean muther fucking severn served some bitch with a swift blow from his skateboard .. awesome . then friday comes and i go see leslie at her work , promising i wont get into any scuffles .. drinking having a good old time and some dick head blindsides me with a full pitcher of beer , now this is the part that i wish i could say i beat the shit out of him but unfortunately that wasnt in the cards. i got served with some pretty nasty blows to both eyes and my nose and i dont think i even got him once but i guess you cant win them all right ? well see if i do better in our rematch battle this friday..... and i dont even want to talk about saturday i was fucking plastered and aparently jeremy mutherfucking whitcome knocked someones block off for tampering with goods that didnt belong to him .. and neil this is already to long to even try to talk about what the fuck he was doing .. but we'll just say that it was clasic neil , all the reasons he is one of my favorite people to party with .. and thats my week .. the end

5/5/05 06:21 pm

churchills tonight . everyone better show up or face the hell that you will surely go to. i dont want to be at work all day every day anymore . some one come take my job.

5/2/05 08:48 pm

so my birthday was the shit , i got wasted .. big suprise . i had a blast , rocked out to some bad ass 80's rock , and threw up . it was a good time had by all who came. if you didnt make it you should cover yourself in gasoline and light up because your life is meaningless .

4/29/05 08:39 pm - work for the weekend

its friday night . party at pops house . tomorrows my birthday so you bitches better buy me some cool shit .and for those of you who care theres a party in my honor at joe ryans house .. get ahold of me for details 515-0489. everyone else eat a bag of dicks .

4/14/05 05:42 pm

Here we are , another thursday.. churchills is the fucking place . when they stop the 1 dollar pitchers im gonna kill myself cause thats all i have to look forward to durring the week . sad but thats the truth . Joe doesnt want to have parties anymore cause he doesnt like his shit getting fucked up and who can blame him ..so thats all i have left ..anyone who reads this should come and hang out with us .


3/26/05 08:41 pm

so yeah work bites my ass . i wish i could tell disgruntled customers to find a spoon and eat my ass. and im so sick of working on stupid cars for shit money . i want to move but i know i wont ever find a group of friends like i got now . we are all kings and everyone should bow . i love david hasselhof . hes my hero and if you dont like it you can find a spoon.

3/22/05 06:23 pm

im at work and im bored as fuck .
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